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Having brought the Barre revolution to the UK in 2011, Barrecore is hands-down the authority on Barre fitness. Our method is not only proven to build stronger bodies, but it's the community-focused ethos of our studios that sets us apart. This course has been designed by our Co-Heads of Teacher training to not only teach you all the important technical aspects of delivering an exceptional Barre class, but the importance of connecting with your clients and investing in their well-being to truly be successful in this industry.

Whilst the Barrecore Academy course does not permit you to teach within Barrecore studios, nor does it allow you to teach Barrecore classes, it will give you the foundation necessary to deliver a strong Barre class.

Excitingly, Barre fitness has grown in popularity massively in recent years! It’s important to be aware however, that all Barre is not created equal (as brilliantly explained in this great read on Huff Post).

We pride ourselves on constantly updating and adapting our formats to keep up with the latest industry research and findings when it comes to delivering safe and effective exercise. We don’t cut corners in our studios and we won’t let our Barrecore Academy students either!


Our Co-Heads of Teacher Training - Gemma Bass-Williams and Emily King are responsible for bringing in the best and brightest fitness instructors and training them up to be incredible Barrecore teachers in all of our UK studios. Who better to learn from and have mentor you on your path to be certified to teach Barre?

Gemma and Emily have spent years curating and perfecting this course by including the most vital pieces of learning from our in-house teacher training programme. Our 5-week Barre certification course will provide you with the curriculum, expert instruction and mentorship you need to be at the front of the pack in the Barre fitness industry.

Not only do you get 5 weeks of exclusive online course materials, but we will host four intensive hands-on workshop days in London where you will take part in and learn how to:

  • Master your Barre technique
  • Participate in basic anatomy lectures
  • Create a strong and well-balanced class
  • Perfect your communication and delivery
  • Lose the 'nerves'
  • Deepen the client connection
  • Build a community around your classes
  • Develop confident classroom management skills
  • Deliver amazing corrections
  • Modify for all skill levels and ability types

Our next course begins on the 1st of March 2020! The course is £1500 but you can save big and pay only £1100.40 when you email [email protected] by February 9th to enroll. Hurry - there is very limited space available!

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The Barrecore Academy Barre certification course is a 5-week programme designed to combine flexible online learning with four dedicated in-depth training days (35 hours total) for lecture and hands-on practical training with our Co-Heads of Teacher Training in London. You can find the full schedule breakdown above.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you are a self-employed fitness instructor, or just interested in learning more about the Barrecore Method - this course is for you. It covers basic anatomy, how to create a strong and well-balanced class, teaching tips to ensure you feel 100% confident in your own technique and the tools to deliver an effective workout for your clients.

How am I assessed?

There is a short assessment after each module (5 in total) and then a final assessment consisting of an online questionnaire (requiring an 85% pass rate), video submission of you teaching a Barre class and a class plan.

How long is the course?

Although we recommend you stick to the 5-week timeline we set out, the course runs at your own pace and you’ll have access to the course materials for 6 months from the start date.

Are there any face-to-face training days I need to attend?

Yes, each course includes 2 intensive training weekends hosted at our Moorgate Barrecore studio in London. We strongly recommend you attend in week 1 and 5 - dates to be confirmed.

What is the price?

The course is £1500 but you can save big and pay only £1100.40 when you email [email protected] to enroll by February 9th. Hurry - there is very limited space available! Enroll Now!

What is included in the price?

You get access to the course material as soon as payment goes through, and for 6 months from the course start date. Our Barre certification course is one of the only online courses that include face-to-face training dates as we strongly believe effective communication is key to being a successful teacher!

You will also get sent the Barrecore Certification accessory pack consisting of:

  • Socks
  • Resistance band
  • Circular resistance band
  • Barrecore ball

Do I need to buy anything for the course?

We aim to provide you with most the equipment you need, however we don’t include weights. You have options to teach with 1.5kg weights, so you will need to purchase these yourself.

What am I qualified to teach when I complete the course?

The course does not permit you to teach within Barrecore studios, nor does it allow you to teach Barrecore classes. This certification means you are qualified to teach general Barre fitness classes at any studios/fitness facilities/private clients etc.

You cannot teach:

  • Within Zone 1-4 London
  • Manchester area - all postcodes starting with 'M', 'SK' and 'WA'
  • With 5 mile radius of any current or future Barrecore locations

If you are interested in teaching directly for Barrecore (within our own studios) there is a different path for this and you can get more info here.

Is there ongoing support during the course?

Of course! You will be able to contact course teachers Emily and Gemma for support throughout the week and on Saturdays.

How long does the certification last for?

Certification lasts for 12 months. Recertification costs £250 or £100 if purchased 1 month ahead of expiry. Recertification is required every year and will give you access to course top-ups and new material to keep your classes fresh!

Still have questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

Full T&Cs here

Course Curriculum

  Mid-way Stretch
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  Shavasana and End of Class
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  Format and Lesson Plans
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  Final Assessment
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This course is closed for enrollment.